Welcome to Tabletop Tales, where we’re blogging our family D&D game, one random encounter at a time!

We’re a family of writers, artists and geeks who have been playing D&D for almost two years. We recently started Steve Winter and Wolfgang Baur’s The Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and are enjoying it so much that we wanted to invite you, The Internet, to join us!

Many people with this goal in mind would opt to stream or record their gameplay sessions. But neither of us can find the business end of a podcast and we’re both pretty camera-shy, so we’re choosing to write a blog instead. The result is a cross between a Let’s Play and a serialised novel—we hope you enjoy it!

Tabletop Tales has only one rule: what happens at the table is what goes into the blog. We want to keep our story as faithful to our actual experience of playing the game as possible, so this is a warts-and-all account. Every critical fail, every tactical blunder, every stupid/hilarious mistake.

But we want to tell an exciting and enjoyable story, too, so expect daring-do, twists and turns, and a cast of quirky-yet-lovable misfits.

Come and join the adventure!

Wait, I have questions!

What’s happened in the story so far?

Highlight the text below for a summary (currently hidden to avoid spoilers!) Or visit the archive to read the whole story.

After arriving in Greenest, our heroes lost no time in investigating reports of trouble in the area (OK, they may have lost a bit of time getting drunk at the inn, but not much!) They cleared the local temple of its undead infestation (which turned out to be due to a colony of myconids that had set up shop in the crypt) and foiled the plans of a group of smugglers who were attempting to kidnap a family of faerie dragons from the nearby forest. But bigger problems are on the horizon. Dragon Cultists in the area have been raiding towns, and Greenest is next. It’s time to prepare for a siege…

When does this blog update?

Every Wednesday (from September 2018), we’ll update the blog with a new chapter of our play-through of Tyranny of Dragons, starting with Part 1, The Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Once a month or so, we’ll update our DM’s Notes section, where Cam gives us a peak behind the screen and discusses the pitfalls, both literal and metaphorical, of running the game.

I don’t recognise all of your adventures from The Hoard of the Dragon Queen. What gives?

That’s because some of our content is actually original! Our talented DM, Cam, also writes his own adventures. Alongside HotDQ, we’re playing some sidequests that he designed to complement the main narrative. If you like them, you can buy them over on DM’s Guild on a pay-what-you-want basis.

Who are you guys, anyway?

Cam is a longstanding D&D fanatic who is making his first foray into blogging with Tabletop Tales. He’s the DM for our family game, and he planned and wrote the additional adventures that we use on top of HotDQ to spice things up.  He writes the Tabletop Tales blog and the DM’s notes.

His girlfriend, Lou, is a recent D&D convert who plays Gerard Windhover in the game. Lou edits the blog and DM’s notes, as well as managing Tabletop Tales’ social media.

Tabletop Tales has made my life complete. How can I possibly thank you for giving the world this precious gift?

We’re so glad you asked! Telling your friends, as well as liking and following us on Facebook and Twitter, is always a huge help.

If you would like to support us financially (and feel you can afford it), buying Cam’s adventures on DM’s guild or becoming a Patreon subscriber would both be hugely appreciated! We currently have a single $1 reward tier for subscribers, but will be adding more in the coming months.


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